Thursday, April 12, 2018

What I read -- March 2018

Library Hold Challenge #4: “A Rope of Thorns” by Gemma Files. Book 2. I read book 1 in 2011, but I don’t think it was incredibly important that I remember all the details to enjoy this one. Which I certainly did. I really like the voice and the humor.

“Akira Vol 4” These still count because I still read “Infinite Jest” in my lifetime. I lack a certain critical vocabulary for reading manga, I think, because when I started this volume I kind of thought to myself, I really hadn’t a clue where we all were, so I read the synopses for the first 3 volumes on Wikipedia. There was some stuff I missed. The other graphic novel I read this year, Persepolis, I didn’t have the same problem, but that was written in much more of an obvious chapter-style, so this time I tried to slow down and see where the transitions were. This helped a lot.

LHC #5: “Welcome to Nightvale” by Joseph Finker. It took a little while to start tolerating the voice, but this moved right along. Maybe if I had any other context than just an occasional retweet turning up in my feed I wouldn’t have had that problem. There were some delightful moments in this book, but sometimes it felt like it was trying really hard.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

In process: March 2018

Daily efforts
That horror novel: Maybe 25,000 words.
That short story in my email: here’s where I practice editing.


Critted  5
Got back 4


Ann Boleyn (1998). Started the month with roughly 90 rows to go on the body.  Set aside for a couple of weeks to finish Arnhild. Did 17 rows.
Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Planned out the intarsia for the back.
Arnhild (Elsebeth Lavold: Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments). Finished. I really wanted it done before it was too warm to wear.
Nukumori (Knitty Winter 2017). I need a whole lot of legwarmers. These ones are black and white striped. I’ve done half of the first one.
Sewed collar on a dress

Monday, March 12, 2018

In process: February 2018

Daily efforts
Kept writing that horror novel. I might have 20%. Then I read my original outline and… Jesus, why don’t I read my outlines? There might be something salvageable here, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll start over.
Worked more on that short story thing that makes me happy that sits in my email. Happy and despairing, but a little bit happy that it’s there.

“Wind/Water/Salt”. Posted chapter 8 to OWW.
Critted  9
Got back 6


Ann Boleyn (1998). Started the month with roughly 100 rows to go on the body.  Did
13 maybe?
Vinculum II (for me!). Finished.
Celtic Gang Girls of the 70’s (Rowan and me). Ignored. 
Arnhild (Elsebeth Lavold: Viking Knits and Ancient Ornaments). I think I will love this sweater. Finished back and front. Started first sleeve. I want it done in March so I can wear it seven times before the weather improves.  
Sewed the side seams and sleeves on a dress

Monday, March 05, 2018

What I Read: February 2018

Library Hold Challenge #2: “Roses and Rot” Kat Howard. This wound up on my list due to Locus reviews, I’m sure. It’s a Tam Lin story! I quite liked it. Good books make me think about the stories that are wheeling around in my head, and what I can do with them. This one did that. Feels like there’s another writer accomplishment I’ll never have: thanking Neil Gaiman for reading my crappy draft.

LHC #3: “The Archived” by Victoria Schwab. The YA version of VE Schwab with whom I’m somewhat in love.

“The Killing Moon” by N.K.Jemisin. I found it on the floor in the boy’s room, and it looked good. He wants to do a D&D campaign that uses some elements of the Inheritance Trilogy (which I should start again because I only read book 1, and that was probably the year it came out). It was surprisingly readable. One of the main characters is really prejudiced against some of the others, and that was written really well. She’s a sympathetic character, but she’s got this huge blind spot. So well done.

“The Shadowed Sun” by N.K. Jemisin. These were bound together in one volume so finishing seemed like the logical thing to do. So often it seems like a series tells the same story over and over. This book did not. It dealt with the repercussions of what had happened in the first book, with some of the same characters, but they were more in the background. The worldbuilding is so rich and the characters so complex.